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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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meredith: 18 sends in orange county deputy to the hospital, after hitting her with his car. thank you for watching. meredith: we have team coverage on this story. wesh 2' s greg fox is at ormc looking into the extent of sergeant marcy pearce' s injuries, but we s tart at the scene on high street with michelle meredith, michelle you talked to people who saw it all unfold? michelle: i did, let me show you the house where it all started. it is the brick house behind me. this is where the deputy attempted to make the arrest. in daylight, you can clearly see this area where deputies say the 15-year-old peeled out of his front yard with an orange county sheriff' s deputy hanging on the front hood hanging on for life. >> i heard it out here this morning i thought nascar had started early. tires were squealing there was a lot going on, i had no idea of the magnitude. michelle: investigators say it started around 7:30 this morning
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pearce, came to this house on high street with a probation officer to rearrest 15-year-old jancarlos ortiz on burglary charges. he had already been released from the juvenille jail for aggravated assault on a law enforcment officer with a motor vechile. according the investigators the deputy could see ortiz in his car she stepped in front of it. >> at some point basically on what she is telling he deliberately ran over her as she was approaching the vehicle she ended up on the hood of the , car. michelle: the sheriff says the deputy stayed on the hood of the car as ortiz drove down the street going faster and , faster. the deputy said she knew she had to roll off the hood. the fall knocked her out. emergency button on the deputy' s help. >> you are not on his side. >> know i am not on his side. if you are a criminal, there are places for you to be. michelle the neighbors have
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about how it all went down. >> she should have shot the mess out of him. >> i feel like the deputy should not have not stepped in front of the car if it in motion and see a person behind the wheel would you jump in front of a moving car? michelle: ortiz is still on the run for attempted murder of a officer. meredith: wesh 2 will continue to have updates on sergeant marcy pearce, and the search for ortiz on our app. after the incident, the sergeant was rest to the hospital. we have coverage at ormc, the emergency room with an update. >> the least we can do is honor him. reporter: sergeant marcy pearce to honor one of her fellow deputies, scott pine, who was killed in the line of duty.
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other stories too, anti- bully campaigns in local schools and holiday crime prevention to protect shoppers. always taking on multiple jobs sheriff' s office, on this day she was protecting a juvenile probation officer serving a pick-up order and nearly paid with her life when deputies say teen suspect jancarlos ortiz ran her down with a car. >> at this time while she is in a lot of pain, she has a very jovial personality but still she understands that she was in a serious situation today. reporter: sheriff jerry demings would survive and offered warnings to the public about ortiz. >> whenever you take the initiative to run down a law enforcement officer that is in uniform, you have the mindset that you can certainly be he' s in serious trouble at this time because in addition to the original four juvenile custody s now also
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law enforcement officer. reporter: shortly after marcy pearce was released from the emergency room at ormc, i talked by phone with her husband, sgt. paul smalley, said his wife was recovering, back to work on monday. meredith: breaking news the first case of zika has been confirmed in orange county, it' s one of two new cases confirmed today by the state health department. there have now been 26 confirmed cases in florida, all of which have been travel-related. orange county joins brevard and osceola for counties with cases in central florida. summer: emergency crews come together in the search for a newborn girl now missing five days, today' s efforts were focused on a retention pond within walking distance of the willow springs apartments on silver star road, wesh 2' s gail paschall-brown is there live, gail did
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gail : from our vantage point, we could not see anything but debris and trash. they pretty much packed up any -- everything. the dive team search and recovery team is already gone. they wanted to find anything, but it is dave four of the search for the baby. orlando police called on the members of the orange county sheriff' s office dive team to help in search for baby willow. side by side they' re checking this retention pond that lies between silver star road and dardanelle drive in orlando. there was a bag in fact there' s , plenty of trash, debris and, vegetation too. so far that' s all divers have pulled out of the pond. the retention pond is within walking distance of the willow bend apartment complex in the 4700 block of silver star road. police say the baby' s mother 30-year-old susan
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from the willow bend was on foot monday sometime after she delivered a baby girl. a placenta and afterbirth was found in the willow bend' s parking lot not far from richardson' s home. the medical examiner says it appeared to be a later term human placenta. >> it might look like a full term baby but when i last seen her she didn' t look full term. that was a couple weeks ago. gail: a friend of susan richardson' s who didn' t want to appear on camera says susan panhandled at nearby 7-eleven. >> she' s not a bad person, she probably has the mentality of her 7-year-old daughter, imagine a little child having a baby and not knowing what to do with it. gail: susan richardson is in jail charged with aggravated child neglect and child desertion. after a hourlong break divers went back in the water, including this with a one headset and possibly camera equipment to of look of what'
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surface. i have tried to get in contact with the orlando police office, but i have not heard anything area will they be doing a search, we don' t know either. i am gail paschall-brown, live in orlando for wesh 2 news. summer: today an orange county judge ruled a local man, who tried to withdraw his guilty plea on charges he slashed a women' s throat, denied him the right to do so. douglas reed was arrested back in july. police say he attacked a 70-year-old woman in her home on crane strand drive, just off north goldenrod. last month, reed appeared in court, and instead of pleading guilty as planned with the court, announced he was not guilty. today a judge denied his request he is now spending the rest of his life in prison. meredith: a new smyrna beach man allegedly attacked a 16-year-old motorist during a road rage incident. 47-year-old joseph tombley is charged with child abuse. the victim told police tombley came up behind him in traffic and started yelling, the vehicles stopped and the victim told police tombley got
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face and threw him to the ground. the victim hit back before bystanders broke up the scuffle. summer: two men facing more charges in connection to that deadly glitz nightclub shooting in orlando are still in jail. last night, orlando police arrested 21-year-old luis cruz nazario and jose brull lopez. this is lopez' s second arrest in the case. he was first arrested last week for carrying a concealed gun into the club and is now facing multiple charges, including shooting into the club and use of a firearm to commit a felony. nazario is facing several charges including attempted first degree murder. two people were killed and 10 others injured in the shooting earlier this month. meredith: a deltona man accused of murdering his wife and stepchildren in 2013 has dropped his demand for a speedy trial. louise toledo with drew . prosecutors are asking for the death penalty if toledo is
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but right now, the death penalty cannot be used in a florida he will be back in court before the end of the month. summer: another big mess on i-4 this afternoon after an accident near longwood. traffic in the eastbound lanes slowed to a crawl after the crash near state road 434. all lanes were blocked and motorists were forced to used the shoulder to get around that wreck there' s no word on , injuries or on what caused the accident. with just hours to go until tomorrow' s republican primary in south carolina, the race appears to be tightening. meredith: wesh 2' s adrian south carolina with a look at the minute votes. we are seeing stark differences between the candidates, more than we did in hampshire -- new hampshire and in iowa.
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braggadocio style, in your face. bush and rubio trying to push through the pack, and john kasich and ben carson a little more subdued, trying to stay away from attacks and focus on message. if there' s one thing clear about the race for the white house now, it is divisive. as ted cruz overtakes donald trump nationally, the two are in a fierce battle. ted cruz: and let me tell you right now it' s easy to say let' s make america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. but the question to ask is do you understand what made america great in the first place? >> look, he has a problem with the truth. he holds up the bible and then he lies. i think it' s very inappropriate. adrian for those still chasing : questions about whether it' s worth it to stay in. >> the answer is a resounding yes if you' re doing it for we the people.
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the front runners and why they are negative. and above the fray as i can. fighting for the south carolina closer. reporter: both have the same message of putting a divided nation back together. >> that is what makes us extraordinary and acceptable. we will lose it if we allow politicians to divide us. >> there are some issues we are not going to avoid. adrian: marco rubio and ted cruz trading barbs over a reportedly photoshop picture of rubio and president obama. the rubio camp warning voters about what they call dirty politics from a ted cruz, tomorrow. will all this talk
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we will look at that coming up on wesh 2 at 5:00. live in greenville south carolina, adrian whitsett. wesh 2 news. meredith: a disabled patients bank account empty. summer: authorities try to unravel the scheme. meredith: if you received a red
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meredith: a cocoa caregiver is behind bars for emptying the bank account of it elderly patient in her care. detectives say the caregiver has now confessed. >> two counts forgery; two counts uttering a forged instrument. dan: a judge today read a long list of charges while 47-year-old teresa robinson stood silent. detectives say robinson was the caregiver for a 91-year-old woman with parkinson' s
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round the clock care. a court document says two days before christmas, some of the patient' s checks were stolen. the checks were cashed in one case, a check for more than $1200; another for almost $2300. >> two counts of grand theft from a person 65 or older, and one count of exploiting an elderly or disabled person. dan: robinson was arrested here at her cocoa home. her landlord saw the arrest, and told us robinson was far behind on her rent. in an affidavit, investigators wrote that the defendant admitted to taking the checks, filling them out, signing them and cashing them. she told investigators she was in financial trouble and needed the money. the disabled 91-year-old' s daughter spotted the missing checks, and said robinson got the checks when the patient was preparing to visit a hairdresser on christmas eve. robinson' s landlord told me she was about to evict her on monday.
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but with a $30,000 bail that she can' t pay, in looks like she will be living here for a while. meredith: is a red light cameras for tickets. about to be ruled by the house. the law that authorized the use of those cameras. they say it does little to -- for traffic safety. the bill is currently stalled in the senate. >> i would love to get a vote on it, up or down. let' s have a debate. i am ready, willing, and able to have this debate on red light cameras. meredith: reporters say it does change the behavior of drivers and intersections where they are located. we will let you know what it
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summer: strong winds and high temperatures causing fires in the midwest. here is a wildfire in oklahoma. the national weather service said yesterday' s heat was most intense in kansas and new mexico. the temperatures were between 30 and 35 degrees higher than normal for this time of year. also in missouri, a fire tornado. crews were eventually able to contain the fire. no one was injured. meredith: here at home and much different scene. chief meteorologist tony outside. tony: we have the rodeo in in daytona. let' s break it down. we do have some clouds out there today. far more 20 coast. i will take a look there the next half hour.
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wind out of the east, gusts about 20-25 miles per hour. onshore flow, some of those clouds thicker towards brevard, volusia counties. 65-70. still running about 70-75 through the interior. notice the winds sustained there. the temperature will gradually fall by 9:00, 60 degrees. toward a, temperatures leveling off about 60 by 9:00. let' s get you up to date. right at about 60 degrees, and as we headed south, for the rodeo tonight, temperature at 8:00 64 degrees. overnight lows tomorrow morning
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orlando, cooler away from the atlantic waters. 57 over toward melbourne. we will update you at 10:00 and 11. as we had up the weekend, good weather there. sunday afternoon, winds easing southeast. the enchanted 10k at epcot, great weather for the runners, 54-59. as we look at those neighborhood highs tomorrow. belleview 76, groveland approaching 77, attractions, 77. cooler toward the east. waters here are awfully cool. onshore flow from the east, temperatures five degrees cooler than what we see toward the interior.
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this time of year, it could be a little cooler. some of you may need a jacket as you take that walk mid-evening. seven-day forecast, 78 sunday, 79 monday. there is that strong cold front. there will be two of them, one tuesday and one on wednesday. i will talk about that long-range forecast at 5:00. summer: all right tony, thank you. it is easy to say this is the video of the day. meredith: what caused the helicopter to go down. summer: news in the affluenza team. meredith: traffic troubles to tell you about. here is a live look at orange county along i-4 eastbound at exit 82 and four. -- 408.
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>> i had seen the helicopter started sputtering about 500
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and the pilot did what i would say would be an amazing job as it was sputtering and coming down he put it right just off of the shore where everybody was. as soon as people saw what was happening, they started running. meredith: if you haven' t seen this video take a look. people on the ground jump in to help the passengers on that sight-seeing helicopter in pearl harbor, hawaii. five people were on board. they were all rushed to hospitals. one of them a 16-year-old boy is in critical condition. the federal aviation administration is investigating what caused the crash landing. meredith: the case of the texas teen who tried to use the so-called ' affluenza' defense in a fatal drunk driving crash, is being moved to adult court. summer: a judge has ruled that ethan couch' s case will officially move to the adult system on april 11th, which is couch' s 19th birthday. couch was 16 at the time of the crash that killed four people. he then went to mexico last december after skipping out on a meeting with his parole officer. right now he' s back in custody in texas. with his case moving to adult court, he faces 120 days in jail
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meredith: the fbi has searched a home belonging to the brother of one of the san bernardino attackers. agents were at the town home outside of los angeles yesterday. it' s reported syed farook' s brother and sister in-law live there. farook and his wife killed 14 people at the county' s health department christmas party in the december attack. this comes as apple continues to fight the fbi' s request to help them break into farook' s iphone. summer: a texas school bus driver is off the job after a terrifying close call caught on camera. take a look. this is cell phone video where a train is inches away from hitting a bus full of students in houston. this happened last week when the driver was taking kids home from school. the driver says the kids were so loud she couldn' t hear the train. >> that was close. it was, like, at least a couple of feet away. so just coming that close would be life-changing for me just to have that experience. >> we were all screaming and telling her to move forward. everyone was just really freaking out and really terrified at
4:27 pm
summer: the school district says the driver didn' t follow standard protocol and look around enough. meredith: straight ahead we have an update on the search for a teen accused of striking a deputy while behind the wheel of a car. summer: plus more human remains are found along u.s. 92 in volusia county. find out why deputies have already left the scene and the larger scale search being planned. >> please, we' re pleading with you, we need your help, we need closure. meredith: a family begs for justice in connection to a super
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double murder, more of their >> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news, first at 4:00, in high definition. meredith: breaking news at 4:30. a red light ruling that could affect lots of drivers, maybe even you. matt lupoli has been looking into the ruling, and joined us in the breaking news center with what this means. matt:. this comes after an attorney filed after receiving a red
4:31 pm
the issue is that they were run traffic solutions. they record the infraction, and send video to the city. is on tickets. the lawsuit argues that a third party making initial judgments about whether a infraction occurs violates the statue. the attorney who filed the lawsuit -- we' re working to get to the bottom of this. live from the breaking news center. summer: we continue following the search for a teen accused of deliberately slamming a car into a deputy. meredith: all afternoon deputies have been calling for 15-year-old jancarlos ortiz to turn himself in. ortiz is accused of hitting sargeant marcy pearce as she was trying to arrest him just after 7:30 this morning near high street and roush avenue. she was rushed to the hospital
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>> this was a bold action that this young man took today. and that' s really the sad part of this. 15-years-old and already been in trouble with the law and again today taking the action that he took, we certainly want to hold him accountable. meredith: we' ll bring you any updates on this story as soon as we get them, stay with wesh 2 news. investigators with the volusia county sheriff' s department found more human remains in a wooded area off us 92 west of daytona beach. summer: a surveyor spotted a partial skeleton yesterday and as wesh 2' s claire metz reports additional bones have now been found. claire: we' re on red john road just off highway 92, not far from the volusia county jail, and it' s these woods where investigators continue to find human remains but they' ve called , off additional searching until next week. wesh 2 was first on the scene when the surveyor made the grim discovery skeletal remains and as deputies searched they found more yesterday and , more again this morning. they don' t know whether the
4:33 pm
man or woman and because they are finding additional bones, they can' t be certain whether there is more than one set of remains up here. the remains which investigators believe have been here quite a while are spread out, possibly moved over time by animals. and the search terrain is difficult, swampy, thick brush. investigators say they need heavier equipment to do the job thoroughly, so they plan to return, like monday with that gear and additional manpower. though the area is wooded, there are a number of social service agencies and the jail surrounding it, so deputies will look to see whether anyone associated has been reported missing and of course will look at all local missing person cases. though the medical examiner collected the remains, because of severe decomposition, they will likely have to be sent out to a lab to determine sex, identity, and cause of death. summer: now to a story you saw first here on wesh 2 the release of new documents in the investigation into the murder of a local cab driver. michael smith disappeared july
4:34 pm
found on fire at the edge of an orlando lake, his body still missing. and this the new evidence you' re looking at. orlando police photos that show the charred and blood- stained interior of michael smith' s cab, and an attempt at covering up smith' s murder. paul strickland is charged with the murder. in a police interview from september, he denied any knowledge of smith' s killing, but detectives claim evidence shows otherwise. >> i want to be as cooperative as possible and i don' t mean no disrespect or nothing, but i just want a lawyer. >> ok. summer: strickland is being held without bond in this case but he has filed a written plea of not guilty. meredith: surviving family members are looking for answers, after two brothers were chased down and killed on super bowl sunday. police say they desperately need more information as they work to solve the double murder in metrowest. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel has the family' s plea for help. dave: tears of despair, anguish. the family of 34-year-old antonio jones, known as shay,
4:35 pm
christian, still in shock. >> they were murdered. they were killed, by gunfire. dave: police say the brothers were shot to death around 7 at night on super bowl sunday, at the stonebridge reserve complex in metrowest. the pair had just stepped off a third floor elevator when they were confronted, chased down and shot. no one is saying whether there' s one suspect or more. no arrests have been made. >> we' re pleading for anyone, somebody, anyone to come forward with any information, whether it' s a little or a lot. dave the family believes : somebody knows what happened here on super bowl sunday, and they say while their loss is permanent and deep, they believe justice would at least be a start, for the healing process. >> at least we' ll have that piece of mind, knowing that someone has been locked up. dave: police don' t believe the crime was random, that the brothers were somehow targeted. the family says 16-year-old christian was an honor student.
4:36 pm
shay jones was awaiting trial for trafficking and importation of cocaine. both investigators and the family are hoping someone with information will speak up. >> please, we' re pleading with you, we need your help, we need closure, we need answers to this senseless crime. dave in orlando, orange county, : dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. meredith: anyone with a tip or key information is asked to call orlando police or crime line at 1-800-423-tips. summer: melbourne police say charges are pending after they recovered drugs and guns while on foot patrol. take a look at this picture of evidence. three semiautomatic weapons, a large amount of what is believed to be marijuana and crack cocaine. officers say a group of people standing on carver street discarded the items when they were approached by officers. the officers say the smell of drugs prompted them to check out the group. meredith: saint cloud high
4:37 pm
today after being kept on campus hours after dismissal because of a lockdown. the school was placed on lockdown yesterday after threats were posted on social media. police searched all students and staff on campus. all osceola county schools were already scheduled to be closed today because of rodeo day. summer: it is a big concern among parents, but so far, education has not been a big talker in the race for president. in our latest installment of 2016, the eight issues, eight weeks. >> with concerns from terror to the economy dominating headlines education is still at the head of the class for many voters. >> historically, education has been a really important issue. people care about security, health care, roads and bridges, and schools and colleges. how much they focus on these
4:38 pm
>> when we look at data on how satisfied people are with public schools, they tended to assign favorable ratings to school dinner local community, even if they expressed concern with schools nationally. reporter: topping the list of concerns, the cost of higher education, charter schools, and controversial academic standards like common core. >> republicans are hugely concerned about obama-era overreach. democrats have generally been lukewarm on it or split over it. >> let me sign this bill. reporter: something else to watch the re-write of no-child left behind, signed into law by president obama this past winter. >> that really should be where the conversation about education policy is taking place in the 2016 election cycle.> reporter: an annual survey cycle, and republicans agree there is too much emphasis on it.
4:39 pm
by the body of the supreme court justice antonin scalia. hundreds of people are lining up around the block to show their respect. his son, a catholic priest, provided the prayers this morning. his funeral is set for tomorrow. meredith: a new look and new excitement at the daytona international speedway. fans at the daytona 500 will get to see a renovated stadium that has made some drastic changes. wesh 2' s brett connolly spent the morning at the speedway with some of the fans who' ve camped out for days. reporter: with the daytona rising project complete the weekend race fans have been waiting for has arrived. after 2 and a half years $400 million in construction you gotta feel like a kid the night before christmas? >> i will on monday. we still have some events. one down, three to go. and fans were raving. reporter: and those raving fans surround the speedway. camped out for days. while some drivers are living
4:40 pm
>> you' ve got your motor coach not too far from where we' re standing right now. what keeps your mind off things when you want to relax quite -- relax? . there are lots of things for the fans to do. this stadium is awesome. reporter: flying high above the race on sunday are the air force thunderbirds. orchestrating the thunderbirds is a major kevin walsh, and he is going to be standing above the world center of racing sign, talking to the pilots coordinating that flyby right during the national anthem. >> the events that lead up to the national anthem, and how the pilots are flying the formation. >> you have got the country musical festival coming over memorial day weekend. >> what else do you envision? >> who knows, we could be the
4:41 pm
reporter: an ambitious goal, but success this weekend goes a long way in recruiting more high hopes -- high profile events. meredith: it was one of the most popular tech gifts this holiday, now the government is calling hoverboards unsafe. why they say toys need to be season what it means for the kids to have one. the first case of zika being diagnosed in orange county, we
4:42 pm
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the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cut 10 ounce filet. our perfectly seasoned 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can' t fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. meredith: fires have been sparked by those popular new toys, hoverboards. the government is calling them hazardous. summer: as nbc' s erika edwards
4:45 pm
safety commission is now saying they should be seized or recalled. >> fire destroyed a home. firefighters say it was from the family' s hoverboard. >> the fact that a toy caused this destruction, it is a just wrong. >> hoverboards have been implicated in at least 50 over fires. the problem is how the lithium battery interacts with the unit. they have sent a letter to companies that make or sell the toys, saying any hoverboard sent that don' t meet federal safety standards will be seized. >> i do not know any that comply with the standard. >> they seized nearly 1300 hoverboards.
4:46 pm
they have this advice for consumers. >> i would stop using them, and contact the retailer or manufacturer to demand proof that it conforms with the standard, and if it does not, demand a refund. >> they would not give a refund on all hoverboards purchase through their website. so far, no response from those companies. meredith: the number of zika cases confirmed in florida stands at 26, with today' s new orange county case being diagnosed. yesterday two new cases were confirmed in miami dade county, so far all cases diagnosed in florida have been travel-related. orange county joins osceola and brevard county with cases diagnosed in central florida. this comes the same day as the world health organization predicting that the mosquito-borne virus will be way down by the time the olympic games begin in rio. they say mosquito population is expected to drop off in the
4:47 pm
summer: the international space station is a little lighter this afternoon, the cygnus space craft left today with about one and a half tons of trash inside. when the spacecraft is a safe distance away the engines fire twice, pushing it into earth' s atmosphere where it will burn up over the pacific ocean. meredith: after a devastating setback virgin galactic is looking to get back in the space business, they unveiled a new commercial spaceship today. the company had been working on a way to take regular people into space when their spaceship crashed in 2014 killing a pilot. , spaceship-two was already in development and will likely begin test flights in the next couple of months. virgin galactic says 700 people have already paid the $250,000 to experience about six minutes of weighlessness. meredith: the star wars craze they' re adding a new stage show, disney says the show at hollywood studios will include those iconic moments from new films, and the classics. the star wars, a galaxy far, far away show officially debuts
4:48 pm
re also working on a new firework show for the summer. summer: let' s go ahead and talk about this weather. i feel like a broken record, but it is a beautiful day outside. tony: it is looking pretty good, but there are more clouds off toward the coast. we could creep up about 72 degrees in daytona. this weekend, this time of the year and night, you definitely need a light jacket, especially when you get a breeze like we do right now. 74 romeo, claremont right now near 70 degrees. a look at the interior. winter park 69, and keenan 71 degrees. for the coast, already 265 --
4:49 pm
64 in altamonte springs. a jacket is a good idea. 71, a light jacket for your after dinner plans. 48 for the morning low in ocala. west orlando, 53 in sanford, 53 kissimmee. let' s take a look at the setup for tomorrow. no change. high pressure across the mid-atlantic. plenty of morning sunshine. i won' t rule out an isolated sprinkle. 10% along the coast, but drive through the interior. the runners will be in great shape. 53 degrees in the morning, by 10:00, around the 70 degree mark. neighborhood high temperatures for saturday afternoon looking nice.
4:50 pm
attractions, 76-77. over toward deer park look for afternoon highs of only five degrees. winter park 77, up toward -- cape canaveral at 77. early tee times around 7:00, lunchtime temperature at 74 degrees. paul in sufferers, -- pollen sufferers, you will be hurting soon, so have your medicines ready to go. good at looking forecast,
4:51 pm
-- wholly in the low 70' s. we turn it around and bring in a new season thursday and friday. details at 5:00. meredith: a chance to show off your talents i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have
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would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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meredith: stories of a legendary athlete, superstitions and religion. summer: those are themes in movies now showing in theaters. "risen" is the first in a series of religion-themed movies hitting theaters over the next month. this one about a roman centurion charged with finding the missing body of jesus. it' s rated pg13. meredith: "race" is a story of the legenadry jesse owens preparing for the olympics amid racism at home and in nazi germany. it' s pg13. summer: "the witch" brings us back to 1600' s new england when a family is torn apart by the forces of dark witchcraft. its rated r. meredith: and updating you on that piece of movie history we told you about yesterday, that aston martin d.b.-10 made for the hit movie james bond film spectre sold for $3.1 million at auction. the car was signed by daniel craig, the actor who portrayed mr. bond. it has an eject button, can
4:55 pm
all the proceeds went to charity. they wanted to million dollars, have an interesting talent? listen up. summer: here' s your chance to show off for a chance to get in the national spotlight. "america' s got talent" has moved into the orange county convention center, looking for contestants all day. if you want an audition you have they' ll be closing at 7:30 good luck. meredith: wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. what' s coming up in the next hour. jim: the latest on a manhunt for a local teen who ran down a local deputy, sending her to the hospital. who is the subject of the extensive search, and the encouraging news for sergeant marcy pearce as she recovers from her injuries.
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jim: right now at 5:00, on the run and under investigation. what wesh 2 is learning about the teen accused of intentionally running over an orange county sheriff' s deputy this morning and then taking
4:59 pm
jerry demmings: this was a bold action that this young man took today. we certainly want to hold him accountable. jim: wesh 2 news at 5:00 starts right now. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 5:00 in high definition. jim: it was just after 7:30 this morning when sergeant marcey pearce approached a 15-year-old who was wanted by the law. good evening, i' m jim payne. angela: i' m angela taylor. the sheriff says the teen, jancarlos ortiz, spotted the sergeant coming, jumped in a car, and took off, hitting her in the process. pearce was immediately taken to the hospital with several injuries. wesh 2 has just learned she' s since been released and sent home to recover. but the search for ortiz remains active, and with each passing hour, the effort to find him grows. tonight wesh 2 has team coverage of this search. we' ll begin with michelle meredith, who joins us live from where this all started on high street. michelle?
5:00 pm
here is where ortiz allegedly peeled out of his front yard with the deputy hanging onto his hood for dear life. many neighbors who live near high street heard what was going on, others saw it. >> i could see the officer in the front, and the other officer help the other officer. michelle: investigators say it started around 7:30 this morning when the deputy, marcy pearce, came to this house on high street with a probation officer. she was here to re-arrest 15-year-old jancarlos ortiz on burglary charges. he had already been released from the juvenille jail for aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer with a motor vehicle. according to investigators, the deputy could see ortiz in his car. she stepped in front of it. investigators say ortiz hit the gas. the deputy landed on the hood of the car, where she stayed as ortiz drove down the street. >> sergeant years said that she


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